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Planning Out Dubai Trip

I was assigned to work on our itinerary for our upcoming Dubai trip. At first, I was so excited to do it only to realize that it is quite difficult for a spontaneous kind of girl to plan. lol I know nothing much about Dubai that is why I am doing a research to check out the places that MUST be visited. I kind of don’t like planning because I like getting lost and finding unexpected places that a lot of tourists don’t see. It feels like I have a secret with the country. But isn’t it crazy how I am searching for restaurants where they serve the best food? LOL Oh and of course, never forget Shake Shack burgers!!! Well my bestfriend is not a huge fan of burgers but she can’t stop talking about Shake Shack so THIS IS ME PROMISING TO NEVER LEAVE DUBAI WITHOUT HAVING A TASTE OF MY BEST FRIEND’S IDEA OF BEST BURGERS. hehe But then again, I have to do lots of Cardio so I can burn out some cholesterol (really, cholesterol, because I do not want to lose weight) before flying to the wonderful United Arab Emirates.

Anyway, back to our itinerary, we’re planning to visit Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, IBN Battuta Mall, Skiing inside the mall, Desert Safari, Souk Madinat, Jumeirah Beach, Skiing inside the mall, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Anyone here who can suggest more places to see in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? By the way, we are planning to visit Oman for a day or two but the problem is, we’re not sure if we still need to get a visa back to Dubai after visiting Oman. Anyone who can help us figure it out?

Oh well, enough blogging. I got to finish this itinerary and will blog about the trip soon! Laters! 😉