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You Are Worth It

Have you ever walked on your own and found the beauty of it?  Have you ever walked so slow and learned to appreciate the trees around you, the soft wind that’s kissing your cheeks? Have you ever looked up at the sky and got so grateful for the peace it brings? Have you ever seen yourself run because it started raining so hard then you decided to start dancing in the rain instead because that is a lot more fun? Have you ever found yourself getting amazed at how the rainbow paints the sky extra colorful after the rain? Have you ever found yourself scared of the dark but when you look up, you see that there is nothing to fear because the twinkling stars can guide your way?

All these things bring happiness to my life no matter how little. You give me that beautiful feeling I always crave when walking alone. You are the comfortable silence that I will always yearn for. You are the tree that I will always take a time out to notice and appreciate. You are the wind that helps me feel less tired from walking. You are my own sky that brings so much peace by just thinking about you. You were what made me stop running whenever I feel even just a drop of rain on my skin. You are my rainbow that makes my already interesting sky extra interesting and colorful. You are the twinkling stars that made me not fear the darkness. You are the road that makes me wanna go on and wander no matter how scary this unknown path is. 

It has been two months since I decided to choose this road bravely, not knowing what’s in store for me. Will there be snakes in between my walks? Will it be a rough road or a smooth one? This road is not like the other roads. It, probably, is more bumpy and rough. It won’t always be sunny, there may even be storms or hurricanes that will make me wanna give up but if it is what makes you the happiest, I guess you can always conquer whatever it is… right? It seems like I still have to walk a very loooooong way and despite my impatient self, I find myself enjoying the view, the walk, and everything in it – just because the road is taking me to you. You are worth it.