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Stay Golden, Dubai

I had a 9-day trip to Dubai that is definitely one for the books! People say July to August is not the best time to explore Dubai because of the summer heat but when you come across really cheap yet branded stuff, you won’t even think about the heat anymore! 40++ degrees is super worth it. And yes, up until now, I still get super duper giddy whenever I hear the word “Dubai”. =) Well, anyway, I wouldn’t blog about my stay in Dubai day per day. Probably just several interesting things we’ve done because SALE became extra important to us. LOL Summer sale got us all crazy and if I would write it day per day, all you’d see on my blog is World Trade Center and Dubai Mall.

This view never gets old

We had a 9 hour direct flight from the Philippines to Dubai via Cebu Pacific and even though we got so bored and groggy, Dubai is so so so so so worth it. From their magical buildings to their very religious people, so religious you’d even hear them pray even at the malls, to the kick ass sports cars every where, to the wonderful desert view and just about anything! This is something you should not be surprised about because Dubai is the most modern and developed emirate in the United Arab Emirates.


Ofcourse it is impossible to NOT see the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. We stayed in Dubai mall for hours and waited for the dancing fountain show that is really incredible! It was so hot outside, probably about 39-ish to 40-ish degrees that will make you thirsty but will forget about it later because of how wonderful the fountain show is! THIS IS A MUST SEE! I swear, you’d forget about everything when you watch it.

Tallest Building in the world

Oh and before staying in Dubai Mall, we dropped by the World Trade Center and unexpectedly became gaga because of the Summer Sale! That’s me and my niece, Gabby, who accompanied us on our first few days of exploring the city. This girl knows Dubai so well. (Although we had to bribe her with food so she’d stay patient with all the walking and shopping.)

You did not go to Dubai if you did not experience the thrilling dune bashing at the Desert Safari! This is one of the best things we did. Despite the excruciating heat, I really enjoyed the sand bashing that made us all scream and laugh at the same time. We were lucky enough that our driver was the lead driver during our desert adventure and he’s got quite impressive driving skills. Before going to the desert camp, they will allow you to get off the car and appreciate the beauty and serenity of the desert. (I do not know the desert’s name because when we asked the driver, he told us its name is Punishment Desert because it punishes people -_-)

sand bashing dubai

desert safari
our camp!

dubai trip

After the sand bashing, our driver took us to the desert camp where my sister and I had the time of our lives riding camels. It is our first time to see a camel. It was kind of scary to ride it at first because they’re too tall and with the way they stand, you’d think you’re going to fall but it was definitely so much fun!

Arabic alphabet
You also can have your name written in Arabic

desert safari dubai

So at the camp, we got ourselves henna inked and watched locals perform native dances, while there was a sand storm going on, before finally getting a taste of genuine Arabian cuisine. Yep, Arabian feels at its finest but the down side of this is, what we ate got a little sand on it because of the sand storm. 😦

We were also lucky enough to get a free tour around Jumeirah Hotel! A family friend, who works there, texted us and invited us over while we were exploring IBN Battuta Mall. Jumeirah is spectacular!!! The view, rooms and amenities  are really nice too… (like the price per night…)

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah beach Dubai

Also, we got to stay at the VIP lounge that has free food for VIPs of course.
After touring around Jumeirah, we got free date fruits at the lobby!
After touring around Jumeirah, we got free date fruits at the lobby!

So while you’re in Jumeirah, you should go check out the only 7 star luxury hotel, The Burj Al Arab. This is very impressive (the price for a night stay is quite impressive too lol). Some of their suites are so huge you’d think you’re in a palace. Almost everything is gold. They have designer perfumes, robes, slippers or whatever that you can take home IF you will rent out a suite or room.


The fam in one of the suites! Feels like we're in a palace!!!
The fam in one of the suites! Feels like we’re in a palace!!!

wild wadi Dubai

Next is the Wild Wadi trip! This is where my adventurous self had the most fun! This theme park got really long, crazy slides. We did not get so much pictures here but the adrenaline rush and the  happy memories will remain engraved in our minds.

Getting some really good lunch before swimming

And if you are into history, check out Dubai Museum and fall in love with its rich culture and the wonderful history before it became one of the most progressive cities in the world!

I suggest that while you are in Dubai, you go check out Abu Dhabi and enjoy the Ferrari World and ride the World’s fastest roller coaster! This is pretty cool it is going to shake your world in a whole new level. I heard Yas island is quite wonderful too!

Soooo that’s it! Dubai has been nothing short of amazing and I actually have mixed feelings about the summer sale because my dear wallet seemed empty after the trip. It was sad too but money is nothing compared to what it made me feel. 🙂